Land of Lakes Choirboys 

 of Minnesota

40th Anniversary Season

Celebrating the Journey

Ordinary Boys. Doing Extraordinary Things.

Voice for Life

The Land of Lakes Choirboys has adapted as their music education curriculum from the Voice for Life program, which stems from the Royal School of Church Music.  Boys advance through the various levels (white, light blue, dark blue, red and yellow) by studying in depth the modules listed below.  As the boys pass their acheivements they move on to the next level to dive deeper into their understanding of music.







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Module A: Using the voice well

This module aims to teach singers how to develop good vocal technique. 
It focuses on: posture, breathing, tone and range, diction, style and interpretation, and blending with the choir.

Module B: Musical skill & understanding

This module develops knowledge of music theory and notation, and then encourages singers to demonstrate this understanding through sight-singing and aural skills. It focuses on: music theory, sight-singing, and aural skills

Module C: Repertoire

This module aims to develop a good understanding of the musical and historical contexts of the music performed by the choir. It focuses on: translating and understanding the text of a piece, historical background, the purpose of a piece, and understanding the style/genre.

Module D: Belonging to the choir

This module considers how a singer can be encouraged in the areas of commitment, punctuality and responsibility.  The LOLCB also adds components about respect, honor, behavior and manners. It focuses on: respect, honor, behavior, manners, responsibility, discipline, commitment and punctuality.

Module E: Choir in context

This module encourages singers to explore the wider context of their choir's existence.  It focuses on: the gift of music, the power of music, what is a community?, the community of our choir, the wider community, the roots of our choir, the changing repertoire of our choir, special project: serving the wider community.