Land of Lakes Choirboys 

 of Minnesota

40th Anniversary Season

Celebrating the Journey

Ordinary Boys. Doing Extraordinary Things.

What Others Say About the LOLCB...

"We are delighted to have had our son be a part of this outstanding program.  Every parent should consider this program for their son."
-LOLCB Choir Parent

"One of the most amazing choirs I have ever heard."
-Audience member from Lockport, NY

"I have now heard angels' voices."
-Audience member from Sandusky, OH

"This is an organization I MUST support."
-Audience member from Sandusky, OH

"It is a sound like few others -- captivating, soothing and from a most unlikely source."
- Minneapolis Star Tribune

 "The Land of Lakes Choirboys is a wonderful way for students to expand their love and enthusiasm for singing and music."

- Barbara Ahner, Westwood Elementary Music Specialist

"Who knew that a boychoir from Minnesota could rival that of so many before them! I did not, but am glad I have found them."
- Bob Mahar, Editor/ Owner of The World of Trebles and Boychoirs Website

 "A truly amazing musical presentation."

-Dr. Rick Good, Professor of Music, Auburn University, AL

"The sheer beauty and crystalline clarity of the unchanged male voice were well-displayed. As true world-travelers and goodwill ambassadors, these are young boys of which all Minnesotans may be proud."

-Princeton Union-Eagle

“…Sounds of overwhelming purity and transparency...” 
-Schlitzer Bote, Germany

“Pure intonation, impeccable enunciation, excellent vowel formation, wide dynamic range, effortless top notes, fantastic voice placement…the Land of Lakes Choirboys are outstanding. ”
-Schwäbische Post, Germany

“The Land of Lakes Choirboys sing with…impeccable diction and tuning…”
-Strathearn Herald, Glasgow, Scotland