Land of Lakes Choirboys 

 of Minnesota

40th Anniversary Season

Celebrating the Journey

Ordinary Boys. Doing Extraordinary Things.

How You Can Support Our Mission...
Five Easy Ways

  1. Join us for a concert!  
  1. This is the easiest way to show your support for the work of these young men.  
  1. Click here for our schedule.

  1. John Fitzgerald Scholarship

It is the philosopy of the Land of Lakes Choirboys that no boy be turned away from our program due to his family's inability to pay tuition.  Every boy should be allowed to partake in this high caliber program for the arts.  Help us ensure that our philosophy continues into the future by supporting the LOLCB today!  Your support will help another young man to be a part of this great adventure in music. Click here for more information about this scholarship.

Sustaining Membership 
By giving annually you allow the organization to use your donation toawrds acheiving more long-term goals such as increasing staff time with the boys or helping us maintian our facilities.

One-Time Donations  
Donations are always appreciated and the LOLCB utilizes them in a way that is most beneficial to the organization. 

Planned Giving
When planning your will or estate, consider a gift that will ensure generations of young men will be able to continue this amazing program.  The Land of Lakes Choirboys has experts available to assist you with this process.


Send your contribution to:

Land of Lakes Choirboys
P.O. Box 74
Elk River, MN  55330

Call us at 763-213-8105

Donate Directly to the Land of Lakes Choirboys by clicking the image below.